Typically, slat chain conveyors used in order picking and dispatch areas, in food plants to move picking bins and containers and as low pressure short term accumulation areas at the end of packing zones.

The TXS slat-chain conveyor range comprises standard components which can be combined and adapted to suit client requirements. Chain of conveyor is select able for specific work & performance.

Units are easy to clean with features such as field replaceable UHMWP slide rails,
programmable automatic wash systems and removable elements

System design solutions conserve valuable floor space by paralleling the support equipment in the dish room. This allows workers to face the unit so that more tasks can be completed in less time, saving the facility valuable FTE’s (Full Time Equivalents). The vertical accumulation capabilities provide unparalleled capacity to assure maximum holding and transfer capability and are available with a variety of options to meet your needs.

Conveyors Micro Roller turn assemblies are designed to relive the stress by spreading the tensioned load across a larger surface area in a smaller space.
All conveyors utilize sealed stainless steel bearings, requiring no lubrication.


Technical Advantages

  • Slat belt conveyors utilize a UHMWP type sprocket
  • Constructed of a uni-body 100% stainless steel
  • Auto tensioning system to reduces wear, stretching and breaking
  • Longevity due to use of quality components
  • Heavy duty motor, sprocket, axle and stainless steel chain link drive assembly


Field of Application

  • Filling, food, water, plans etc…
  • Manual bin & box transport in order picking aisles and loading zones
  • Transfer lines between picking, order packing and dispatch areas
  • Manual production lines


Key Performance Data*

  • Weight load up to 20kg/m
  • Width from 100mm to 600mm

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