The belt conveyor TXS-FLB series with terminal drive is the ideal choice for in-house transport of a wide range of cartons, packed and unpacked until loads as well as bins and trays. It is a sophisticated and standard belt conveyors system that is characterizes by a high degree of flexibility and a comprehensive range of accessories.

Belt conveyor systems provided by TXS are characterized by a long service life and reliability as well as low-noise operation. Extremely simple handling of adjustment for the belt movement and belt replacement (provided that is at all necessary), as well as a great degree flexibility for subsequent conversions, are some aspect that also speak in favour of making an investment in TXS’s equipment and technology, There are different belt materials and lateral guiled available for adapting to the requirements of goods being conveyed.

The belt conveyor of the   TXS-FLB series can be combined with other key components of TXS for this purpose, please refer in particular to the following.

  • Belt Curve conveyors
  • Inclined belt conveyors
  • Narrow belt conveyors
  • Aluminum frame belt conveyors
  • Angled belt conveyors
  • Z-type belt conveyors

Technical Advantages

  • most economic short track conveyor
  • high speed conveying with low noise level
  •  careful handling of fragile loads
  •  low maintenance
  •  wear resistant drive pulley surface
  •  modular design with standard device and high flexibility for subsequent conversions.

Fields of Application

  • Parcel conveying systems with a wide range of box sizes and qualities
  • Order picking and shipping system
  • Order return systems
  • Order receipt of dispatch areas
  • Connection of production areas
  • Loads with uneven bases that are not suitable for roller conveyors


Key Performance Data

  • Conveyor speed   max 120 m/min
  • Weight load max   75kg/m
  • Nominal belt width  50-1500mm
  • Conveyor length        300…30,000 mm


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